Sunday, February 26, 2012

I may be a slacker, but my girls are on a roll!

3 week update
As of today 2012 total: 701

Week of February 5-11: 93 eggs* new weekly record at that time
Average of 13.2 eggs per day

Week of February 12-18: 94 eggs* new weekly record
Average of 13.4 eggs per day

Week of February 19-25: 94 eggs

Market is going really well.  I am taking about 7-8 dozen eggs each week including some 1/2 dozen cartons.  I've tried convincing people that they can purchase a whole dozen because fresh eggs will keep for a long time.  Several customers prefer 1/2 cartons and fresh, fresh eggs each week. I can't rally argue with that.

Along with a few cartons of all brown eggs, I've been mixing up colors.  Customers get a hoot out of the tri-color dozen mix.  One lady said it just makes her happy to open the fridge and see all the colors. =]

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