Monday, January 30, 2012

We ain't scared

Weekly total: 88* new record
2012 total: 331

Sunday 15
Monday 13
Tuesday 10
Wednesday 15
Thursday 14
Friday 7
Saturday 14

We have some new neighbors. They definitely aren't friendly. They stare...a lot.

Two (beautiful) barred owls have taken a liking to the oak tree over the chicken run. They sit in the tree all day. I thought owls were nocturnal. Not these jokers. They're too busy looking at the hens. The hens could care less about the owls. No matter how loud, or long, or crazy the hooting is the girls just go about their business of scratching and clucking and laying. I don't know if they are brave or naive.

First the cooper hawks, now the owls. You'd think we lived in the woods instead of our urban neighborhood.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slow week

Weekly total: 78
2012 total: 143

Sunday 11
Monday 10
Tuesday 13
Wednesday 13
Thursday 10
Friday 11
Saturday 10
{Puffy Cheeks, an all white Ameraucana, chillin' in the run}

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New weekly record-85 eggs

Weekly total: 85* new record
2012 yearly total: 165

Sunday 12
Monday 16 (still short one Ameraucana egg)
Tuesday 7
Wednesday 12
Thursday 12
Friday 12
Saturday 14

{Gold Laced Wyandotte hen. One of the 3 sisters that are nearly inseparable. I am sure the other two are just out of frame.}

Saturday, January 14, 2012

First day at market

Today was our first day selling eggs at one of the local farmers' markets.  It is a very small market in a church parking lot.  The church started an outreach ministry to bring fresh, local produce to the community-which doesn't have a grocery store of any kind in a 7 mile radius.  That may not sound too far to some people, but imagine having no personal transportation and walking or biking 7 miles just to get food.  Imagine carrying weekly groceries for a family of 4 on a city bus.  The market is filling both a need and a desire in the community.

Our set up wasn't too spectacular, but we did just fine. =]

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doing their job

Running total: 406
2012 total 80

Sunday 10
Monday 16* new daily record! One Ameraucana didn't do her job, but the rest did. =]
Tuesday 9
Wednesday 12
Thursday 11
Friday 10
Saturday 12

Hawkie, an Ameraucana, checking out the daily haul in the nests

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Final week of 2011

Yearly total: 326
Monthly total: 279* current record
Weekly total: 79

Sunday 11
Monday 10
Tuesday 10
Wednesday 12
Thursday 14* new daily record
Friday 12 first day with all 3 Brown Leghorns laying
Saturday 10

One of the Red Sex Links (or Red Star) Chickens hunting down a bug