Monday, January 30, 2012

We ain't scared

Weekly total: 88* new record
2012 total: 331

Sunday 15
Monday 13
Tuesday 10
Wednesday 15
Thursday 14
Friday 7
Saturday 14

We have some new neighbors. They definitely aren't friendly. They stare...a lot.

Two (beautiful) barred owls have taken a liking to the oak tree over the chicken run. They sit in the tree all day. I thought owls were nocturnal. Not these jokers. They're too busy looking at the hens. The hens could care less about the owls. No matter how loud, or long, or crazy the hooting is the girls just go about their business of scratching and clucking and laying. I don't know if they are brave or naive.

First the cooper hawks, now the owls. You'd think we lived in the woods instead of our urban neighborhood.

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